Study Lewis & Clark at Doane College in July 2005!

Advance excerpt -- from the Master's of Education

Summer 2005 Schedule of Classes, Doane College, Crete, Nebraska

EDU 699 Lewis and Clark along the Missouri River in Nebraska

July 11 - 16, 2005             Grand Island Campus

July 18 - 22, 2005        Crete Campus

This interdisciplinary course prepares classroom teachers for integrating the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition into the classroom. The entire Expedition will be covered; however special attention will be given to the time that the explorers spent in Nebraska. Participants in this hands-on living history course will have a unique opportunity to develop creative ideas for enhancing their K-12 curriculum, regarding U.S. expansion, exploration, and frontier history.  In addition to campus classroom activities, students will experience river travel during a day-long field experience to Lewis and Clark State Park in Onawa, Iowa. Authentically reproduced white and red pirogues, and an historically accurate keelboat, are housed there on Blue Lake, a water body created from a former oxbow in the Missouri River. Students will have an opportunity to sail, row, and pole the boats on the water, and participate in other outdoor hands-on activities such as trail cooking and wildlife observation. This site is the only location in the United States offering public access to historically reproduced watercraft use by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Students will learn to integrate the daily activities and the topics discussed into broader social studies and biology units. Educators will share first person accounts of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery, and other early river travelers and traders throughout the week.   They will also discuss the flora and fauna of the area, and all aspects of life on the frontier.  Many of the themes covered in this class can be adapted for other disciplines as well.

A team of professional educators who specialize in the Lewis and Clark expedition, frontier history, historical flora and fauna, and river and trail lore will teach this course. 

NOTE:  Each course is limited to 20 people, so register early! Participants must be officially registered for this course through the Doane College Graduate Office by June 10 to allow for final planning.  Class will be canceled at that time if there is not sufficient enrollment.

Tuition fee:                     3 graduate level credit hours -- $465

Additional fees:             About $40 for misc. educational materials, transportation and lunch

                   on field experience day. Final amount will be announced next spring.

Books:                              None required.  Reading list will be supplied.

Team of Educators:     Dale Clark, Renae Hunt, and the Newfoundland dog Sailor,  Grand Island                                                         -- Traveling Historical Programs, Inc.

                                          Les Vilda, Wilber -- Have Donkey Will Travel

Course Coordinator:   Janet Jeffries, Crete – Adjunct Instructor in History, Doane College                                                   (402) 826-8234


You may apply for admission to Doane College (if relevant) and register on-line for this course on the Doane website at  beginning in March 2005.



Call Wilma Daddario, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies in Education,

 Doane College at (402) 466-5322 ( for an application for admission, or for more information.