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Tuesday - November 6, 2012




A Bit About The Candidate and his Campaign

My name is Les Vilda - a lifetime resident of Wilber, NE, Graduate of Wilber-Clatonia High School, with a Bachelors Degree from Doane College in Crete, NE.  I am an Eagle Scout with 3 palms, an honorably discharged Vietnam War era veteran, Ambassador of the Santa Fe Trail, 1993 recipient of the 'Nebraska's Friend Award', author, model, theater - television and movie actor, professional speaker, history consultant, Master Rope Maker, co-founder and member of the Veterans of Rocky Mountain Philosophy, and, for over 20 years, owner of my own Living History business called Have Donkey Will Travel.  I am also the connoisseur of fine manure, the guru of doo-doo, the purveyor of poop.  That's right folks, I really know crap.  That alone should make you at least consider me as a Presidential candidate.

When asked why I want to be President, I reply:  Desire.  You may be asking yourself:  Is it a desire to lead?  A desire for change?  A desire for power?  A desire for world peace?  No, none of these.  It's the desire for Money.  I truely do desire the money.  It may be hard to believe, but this would be the best paying gig I've ever had!

As concerned American citizens, I'm sure you'd like to know about my Platform.  Well, I'm very proud to tell people about my platform.  It's about 8 by 14, made of redwood, and sets off the back of my house.  It's the place where the B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Committee meets.  It's also the place I drink my morning coffee, read the newspaper, barbeque, and entertain guests.  I'm sure many Americans can relate to my platform, as many of you probably have similar platforms.  Or, maybe you have plans to build a platform like it some day.  I believe every Presidential candidate needs a good, solid platform.  Mine has held up to 30 grown adults at one time and it still stands firm.

Some people have been interested in my proposed cabinet.  If I'm elected, I can assure you that my cabinet will hold only some of the top-notched names in the business.  You may recognize some of them.  Professionals like:  Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan, Dr. McGuillicudy, Jose Cuervo, and possibly even Old Grandad.  These are names that we have known and trusted for years.

I have also been asked how I stand on the big issues facing America.  As you get to know me, you will find that I personally have very few 'strong' beliefs, one way or the other, on the big issues facing this country.  Actually, you may find that I'm pretty much just a spineless little weeney that the B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Committee threw into the Presidential race.  If you think about it, my 'spinelessness' would allow me to freely dance and bounce around like a puppet on the strings of money and power just as well as any of the other candidates could - maybe even better.  Hence, in part, to my campaign slogan:  "Because You Couldn't Do Any Worse!"

This brings up the topic of Campaign Promises.  How many times have Political Candidates made promises to you during their campaign and then, when they get into office, they actually follow through with very few or none of them?  I'm thinking probably more times than you care to count.  Well, I'm very pleased to announce that I am NOT going to make you any campaign promises.  If I promise you nothing and I actually accomplish nothing, you won't be disappointed.  However, if I do accomplish something, you may be pleased (and very possibly surprised) and make you feel that you made the right decision in voting for me.

As my campaign grows, you may find that you do not like, or agree with, my views on various subjects.  That's fine.  I don't expect everyone to agree with me.  That's one of the things I really like in this country - we can all have our own opinions.  If your opinion is different than mine, well then...I really don't care about your opinion.  If your opinion is not the same as mine, I would really prefer you stay at home on election day.  Whatever you do, please don't go to the polls to vote.  However, if your opinion IS the same as mine, by all means get your butt to the polls and VOTE!

And when you get to the polls, remember to:

Vote Early - Vote Often - Vote More For Les!

ALL of your votes will be greatly appreciated!

Ladies and Gentlemen - I know I'm not telling you anything new when I say that campaigning costs money.  How apparent this has become as I traveled around the country this past year introducing myself to America.  My campaign relies almost entirely upon the sale of B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Souvenirs.

Help support the B.E.E.R. PARTY by purchasing campaign souvenirs OR by simply sending in a campaign donation (sorry, it is NOT tax deductible!)  Monies collected from Campaign Souvenir sales and donations will be used for transporting the Mobile Campaign Headquarters around the state of Nebraska (where I live) and possibly around the United States (if enough funds become available).  If you are interested in the B.E.E.R. Party Mobile Campaign Headquarters (and me) coming to your community (festivals, events, parades, etc.), please email me to see if arrangements can be made.  We are available for speaking engagements and/or parade opportunities.  Your support, like your vote, is greatly appreciated!

Campaign Souvenirs are available in the STORE.

Campaign Journal

November 6, 2010 (Saturday) - Wilber, NE  -  GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY  My 2012 Presidential Campaign is officially underway.  Today I publicly announced my decision to run for President again in 2012 at the ground breaking ceremony for The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library.  The local newpaper (The Wilber Republican) published a photo of the gold shovel event.  Included in the photo was:  Senator Russ Karpisek, Sue Underwood (a member of the construction crew), Don Strinz (construction site foreman), and Donna Strinz (director and general manager of Downe, Wright, Cheep Construction Company), and me, Presidential Candidate Les Vilda.  Dedication of the new complex is scheduled for next Saturday, considering it can be built in time.

November 9, 2010 (Tuesday) - Stromsburg, NE  -  MUSEUM/LIBRARY SIGN  I traveled to Stromsburg, NE today to have the Presidential Museum and Library sign made.  What an excellent job!  Thanks Tim!!  If you're looking for quality screen printing and/or signs, give Tim a shout.  Just look at the great job he did on the Museum sign.  You can reach him at:  Alvi's Screen Printing - PO Box 301 - Stromsburg, NE  68666  (402) 764-4482

November 13, 2010 (Saturday) - Wilber, NE  -  DEDICATION OF THE LES VILDA PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM AND LIBRARY  This was an exciting day in Wilber!  Today was the dedication for The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library.  Would I make a great President, or what?  Look how fast I was able to get that project completed!!  The construction company came through like champs.  They actually finished ahead of schedule.

Some of you may be confused - asking yourselves, "don't you have to be a President BEFORE you can have a Presidential Museum and Library named after you?"   That is usually the norm.  However, I'm so confident that I'm going to win the election in 2012, I built my museum and library ahead of time.  This Museum and Library has several things working in its favor to be a popular tourist destination:  1)  It's centrally located in the United States - in Wilber, NE,  2)  Free Admission - Children half price,  3)  New exhibits added daily, AND  4)  The only Presidential Museum and Library built by a member of the B.E.E.R. Party.  I hope you get a chance to visit the complex in person.  Photos simply do not do it justice!  And, please tell your friends about it!

The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library

Dedication ceremony:  (left to right) The Easter Bunny (Special Honored Guest), The Reverend Wade Frink (Master of Ceremonies), Anonymous (Special Security), Les Vilda (B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate), Anonymous (Special Security)

November 19, 2010 (Friday) - Wilber, NE  -  THE B.E.E.R. PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN KICK-OFF  The event started at 7:00 PM at Gary's Bar and Grill (the National B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Headquarters) in Wilber, NE.  I presented my first official campaign speech of the 2012 campaign AND introduced all of the new (and old) campaign souvenirs available.  The event began with the singing of the B.E.E.R. Party Theme Song (an audience participation song).  The song was led by The B.E.E.R. Party Trio (Dan Vilda and Gary and Lu Nickel) accompanied with accordian music by Sue Underwood.

December 4-5, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday) - Wilber, NE  -  A B.E.E.R. PARTY PRESIDENTIAL MEET and GREET  This was an opportunity to meet your 2012 B.E.E.R. Party Presidential candidate, Les Vilda (me), get a personalized tour of the inside of The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library, and purchase your B.E.E.R. Party campaign souvenirs (they make great Christmas stocking stuffers, you know) - all in one place.  Saturday was quite brisk with a strong North wind.  I had one car (2 people) visit that day.  I sat outside at the museum/library from 9:30 AM until 1:30 PM when I got so cold, I decided to call it a day.  Santa was in Wilber that day, so I went to the Sokol Hall and paid him a visit - it was much warmer there (see photos below).  Sunday was also cold, but the wind wasn't blowing near as hard.  The nicer day brought out the visitors!  I had visitors from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Les Vilda visiting with Santa and Mrs. Claus - actually asking Santa for the Presidency.  After the big ballot mix-up in Florida a few years ago, I'm confused on how a President actually becomes a President.  So, I'm trying to cover all the bases and thought talking to Santa simply wouldn't hurt.
Les Vilda rubbing elbows with Royalty - Wilber Czech Queen, Kelsey Homolka.  I don't know if she has as much influence at the White House as Santa, but again, I want to try to cover all the bases.
The museum/library was quiet on Saturday for the Meet and Greet.  But, I was so busy on Sunday that I didn't even have time to take photos.  If you missed this event, don't fret.  I'm going to host another one in a few months.

December 11-12, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday) - Salina, KS  -  THE 18TH ANNUAL WILD WEST TRADE SHOW  I traveled to Salina, KS to deliver campaign speeches and sell campaign souvenirs this weekend.  The trade show is always a big attraction in Salina.  I thought I'd get a good sized audience at speech time, and I wasn't disappointed!  I stepped up to the microphone and gave the trade show attendees a speech they'll remember for a long time.  I'm guessing that I may have been giving them too much information at too fast of a rate.  I had several people come by and ask where the pause button was. Sorry folks, this is live....there is no pause and/or mute button.  To accomodate the audience, I slowed the rate of words per minute way down and shortened the speech.  I recieved heavy applause when my speech was concluded.  I'm guessing they really enjoyed it!  (....or were they just glad I stepped away from the microphone?)


January 3, 2011 (Monday) - Wilber, NE  -  NEWSPAPER ARTICLE  The "Beatrice Daily Sun" newspaper, out of Beatrice, Nebraska, came to Wilber last week to interview your B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate and to see THE LES VILDA PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM AND LIBRARY.  Rumors had been flying around the newspaper office about the new museum/library and they had to come see it for themselves.  The printed article appeared in todays edition of the paper.  Holy Smokes!!  The photo alone takes up nearly the top half of the front page!  (Thank you Scott for the wonderful job you did on the article!)  You can read the article online at: http://beatricedailysun.com/news/local/article_89359ee0-16ec-11e0-a377-001cc4c002e0.html

January 14-16, 2011 (Friday - Sunday) - Kearney, NE - NEBRASKA MUZZLELOADING ASSOCIATION CONVENTION  I spent the weekend campaigning at the Ramada Inn for a great group of people.  I never attended a muzzleloading event anywhere in the United States that I didn't feel like part of the family.  Many of the attendees were amazed and amused at the new Campaign Souvenirs I had to offer for the upcoming 2012 election.  (If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, please click on my STORE link above.)  Not only did I campaign at this event, but I also presented a seminar on Canoeing the Missouri River on Saturday afternoon.  I canoed 2500 miles of the river in 1980 and presented a program of my experiences, along with slides (a favorite for those who like to nap during a presentation).  After the seminar, I was again shifted into campaign mode.  KHAS-TV, an NBC affiliate out of Hastings, NE, came to Kearney to interview your B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate.  The interview aired on the 10 PM News on Saturday January 15, 2011.  The television station has the interview posted on their website for all interested parties to view.  (Thank You KHAS for the wonderful job you did with the interview!)  If you're interested, you can view the interview at:  http://www.khastv.com/news/local/BEER-Party-candidate-will-run-in-2012-114387094.html

January 23, 2011 (Sunday) - Wilber, NE - WRITE THE VOTE  This past Monday, I was emailed questions to answer for an interview with the website "Write The Vote".  This is what the website is about:  "Our mission is to be the leading source of information on write-in candidates nationwide.  Voters can search our directory, which is ordered alphbetically by state and district, to find write-in candidates across the country".  I answered the questions and am now posted/listed on their website.  You can read the interview, and the profile they made on me, at:  http://www.writethevote.com/  At the time of this posting, I was on their home page.  If you don't see me there, click on "Nebraska" on the right side margin or type my name in the search box.

April 2, 2011 (Saturday) - Wilber, NE - PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MEET AND GREET  What a beautiful, warm, sunny day!!  I would have to say that spring is officially here.  It was such a nice day that I sat next to THE LES VILDA PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM AND LIBRARY today from 10 AM until nearly 8 PM.  The museum and library is located at the intersection of First and Main streets in Wilber, NE.  The numerous passers-by waved with enthusiasum when they noticed thei Presidential Candidate sitting next to the museum.  Several people stopped by to say hi, or to visit the museum, or ask questions, or purchase Campaign Souvenirs.  I'm looking forward to the nicer weather ahead - more days to meet more B.E.E.R. Party Supporters!

April 3, 2011 (Sunday) - Wilber, NE - I was selling Campaign Souvenirs and telling people all about my political platform at the Annual Czech Music Concert at the Sokol Hall in Wilber, NE.  Some of the attendees traveled numerous miles to be there.  I'm sure the word of the B.E.E.R. Party is spreading farther and farther.  I met one person attending that is living in Washington D.C.  They were very interested in hearing all about the B.E.E.R. Party.  (Thank you for taking my business cards back to D.C. with you!)

April 9-10, 2011 (Saturday and Sunday) - Sprague, NE - THE KANSAS-NEBRASKA MOUNTAIN MAN RENDEZVOUS was held this weekend near Sprague, NE.  I'm telling you, what a wonderful warm weekend for camping!  I did some serious campaigning while I was there.  I met people from Iowa, Kansas, Montana, and nearly all corners of Nebraska camping at this event.  Go-o-o B.E.E.R. Party!!

April 23, 2011 (Saturday) - Steinauer, NE - WILLARD'S TAVERN hosted a B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Event.  It was wall to wall people at this event.  Karaoke on one hand, campaigning on the other and support all around.  I got lots of promises for votes in 2012.  Billy the karaoke singing bear even showed up to sing a song for all the attendees.  Billy told me that when he grows up, he'd like to be a B.E.E.R.!  I was so-o-o proud!!  Billy and I sang a duet later in the evening....well, Billy sang and I just kinda hummed along.  I didn't want to chase anyone away.  You see, I was asked to sing tenor one time....ten or eleven miles away.  If you ever get to Willard's Tavern (which I highly recommend you do), make sure you say HI to Keri and Rory.  Tell them you saw this on the B.E.E.R. Party web site.  I was able to get a few photos at this event....enjoy!

Meet the hosts of the event:  Rory and Keri - stop by Willard's Tavern and tell them the B.E.E.R. Party sent you!

Willard's Tavern showed lots of support!

Meet Billy - the karaoke singing bear.

B.E.E.R. Party supporters are known to travel great distances to help campaign.  THANK YOU!

May 28 - 30, 2011 (Saturday - Monday) Wilber, NE - THE LES VILDA PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM AND LIBRARY in Wilber, NE hosted another Meet and Greet for Presidential candidate Les Vilda.  Saturday was a very nice day and really brought out the potential voters.  Sunday was wet and Monday was definately on the 'breezy' side.  How breezy was it?  It was so breezy that I had to stake the souvenir table to the ground and staple my hat to my head.  Yes, it was just that breezy!  Not nearly the number of visitors on Sunday and Monday, but those that stopped by were sure interested in finding out more about the B.E.E.R. Party.  The photo shown below was taken on Saturday.  People that have seen the photo have been asking me if I was trying to bribe this potential voter.  Of course, activity such as that would be considered immoral and illegal.  And, Presidential Candidates never do anything like that!

CAUGHT ON FILM - Is Les attempting to bribe a voter??

July 9-10, 2011 (Saturday - Sunday) Crete, NE - THE CRETE MUSIC FESTIVAL, held at the historical Jesse Bickle Farmstead on the Western edge of Crete, NE, was a wonderful campaign stop.  Gabby Hayes (look-a-like) served as the MC.  A different act every half hour from 10 AM to 10 PM.  That's a lot of music folks!  As the new acts were getting ready on stage, either Gabby would tell the audience about his career with Roy Rogers or tell stories or jokes, OR your B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate would give information about the B.E.E.R. Party.  I had campaign souvenirs available for sale AND the Mobile Campaign Headquarters was on display the entire weekend.  (The 1920 Model TT Ford truck always had an over-heating problem - ever since I got it running in 2006.  It was brought to my attention (on July 4th) that I may be running the truck with the wrong spark and carburetor settings.  They were changed and the truck has been running great ever since.  Thank you Galen and Dennis for your assistance!!  This gave me a whole new definition for "Independence Day" - the freedom to travel almost anywhere with the Mobile Campaign Headquarters!)

Left to right - Les Vilda (B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate), Sasha Denton (in charge of raffle prizes for the festival), Gabby Hayes (MC/storyteller)

July 16, 2011 (Saturday) Western, NE - THE OLD SETTLERS PICNIC parade was the destination for the Mobile Campaign Headquarters.  I did some campaigning throughout the festival, including stops at the 2 'watering holes' in town, before the 7:00 PM parade.  While walking around the festival, I was able to recruit 3 motorcycles to serve as "Secret Service" for the parade.  It was so secret that they didn't even know they were Secret Service before the parade.  The bike in front carried a sign that read:  "B.E.E.R. PARTY" and the 2 riding on either side of me carried signs that read:  "Secret Service - (SHHHH!)".  Despite the heat (heat index above 100), it seemed like everyone attending the parade (and festival) were having a great time.  Keep up the great work Western!

July 22, 2011 (Friday) Beatrice, NE - THE BEATRICE SPEEDWAY at the Gage County Fair was where you would've found me, Candidate Les Vilda.  During intermission, I made a lap around the track in my Mobile Campaign Headquarters before stopping in front of the grandstand where I presented a short campaign speech for over 1200 excited audience members.  They sure made a lot of noise when they found out that I was the B.E.E.R. Party candidate.  And, not bad noises either.  There were loud cheers and applause!!  After my speech, I made another lap and then exited the race track.  Before and after intermission, I was allowed to park the Mobile Campaign Headquarters very close to the ticket booth.  I had campaign souvenirs available and I got to talk to lots of people about the B.E.E.R. Party campaign and the truck.  Over 1200 audience members - the largest group I've spoken to at one time since I started my campaign!  Let's keep those group numbers growing America!!!  I'd like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all the people that allowed this to happen:  Toby, Roger, Lisa, Steve, Dan, and all those whose names I may have forgotten or never knew.  I had a great time and hope we can do it again sometime!

The B.E.E.R. Party Mascot traveled with me to the Beatrice Speedway at the Gage County Fair.  A fierce animal like this needs to be on a leash at all times!

July 23, 2011 (Saturday) Wilber, NE - THE WILBER PLOWING BEE was held at the farm of Kelly Homolka just a few miles West of Wilber.  The event began about 1:00 PM.  At that time, there were about 6 tractors plowing up wheat stubble.  By 2:30, I counted 12 tractors with plows.  (12 is only an educated guess.  After counting to 10 on my fingers, I often get confused when I have to start the count over.  If it wasn't 12, it was close to 12.  It's my story, and I'm sticking with it!)  As your B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate, I attended this event to monitor modern technology in the farm place.  I wasn't disappointed.  As you can see in the photos, Nebraska is farming with the highest standards of equipment available.  As my campaign grows, I hope to visit other farming operations in other parts of the United States.  Keep purchasing those campaign souvenirs, ladies and gentlemen.  It's your purchases that fund the Mobile Campaign Headquarters to travel from campaign spot to campaign spot.  I have a lot more of the U.S. to see and campaign in.

Plowing Bee host and B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Committee Chairman, Kelly Homolka, shows Candidate Les Vilda around the field. Candidate Les Vilda getting close to the action.
We need more modern technology like this on our American farms today.  This tractor reminds me of my Mobile Campaign Headquarters - stylish, yet capable of getting the job done.  Keep it going Mitch! A line up of the participating tractors.

August 4-7, 2011 (Thursday - Sunday) Wilber, NE - THE 50TH ANNUAL NATIONAL CZECH FESTIVAL took off with a bang!  Tens of thousands of people from all around the world flock to Wilber for this festival.  This year many of them got the chance to visit THE LES VILDA PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM AND LIBRARY.  Milford, NE author, Don Strinz, was set up next to the museum, near me, signing his new book "A Boy In A Man's Saddle".  Some of you may recognize his name.  He is the construction forman for the Downe, Wright, and Cheep construction firm that built the Museum and Library this last November.  The Budweiser Clydesdales were also in town for the 50th anniversary of the festival.  I offered the services of the Mobile Campaign Headquarters and myself to haul a spare Clydesdale to their next gig....just in case one of the horses got lame or something.  They thaniked me for the offer, but the way they said it has me guessing I'm not going to be hearing from them in the near future.  The B.E.E.R. Party Supporters had a great showing during the parade on both Saturday and Sunday.  We also had a group from the Harvard/Giltner, NE area that brought in the Mobile Oval Office for the parade on Saturday.  It was a great addition!  Too bad they could only stay for Saturday.  I'll try to convince them that they need to stay for both days next year.

The Mobile Campaign Headquarters setting next to the Budweiser Clydesdale truck.  I wonder if my truck could even haul one (1) of those horses. During the parade, I had the Mobile Oval Office following me.  It's the place that all the campaign paper work gets done.  Following them were the B.E.E.R. Party Supporters!

December 13, 2011 (Wilber, NE) - DECORATING THE CHRISTMAS TREE today at The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library.  Despite the drizzle and sprinkles all day, I was able to get the tree put in place.  While I was decorating, I didn't have the audience of spectators like I did last year.  I did have the 3 B.E.E.R. Birds watching me though.  The B.E.E.R. Birds arrived at the Museum/Library last month and have decided to call the building home for the winter....or at least, so it seems.  They spend most of the day sitting on top of the Museum/Library.  If you come by to visit, you will most likely see the birds on the building.  If you bring your camera and walk up on them v-e-r-y slowly, you should be able to get some great close-up shots.  They don't seem to mind people, but they do not like fast movement.  Remember, walk up s-l-o-w-l-y.  While you're there, please sign the Guest Book located on the South side of the building.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

The new 2011 Christmas tree. A small flock of B.E.E.R. Birds perched on the roof.


Happy New Year - 2012!

February 8, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - Where has this past year gone?  365 days have come and gone, and now, the election will be here before we know it.  It's time to do some serious campaigning.  I'm starting off my 2012 campaign in AZ and TX.  If you happened to miss the news, we had a National Disaster right here in Wilber, NE.  The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library was blown over by strong winds on January 11.  A few boards were loosened from the frame, the B.E.E.R. birds were thrown off their perch and the Les Vilda Scroll of Achievments was knocked off its shelf in the Library.  Other than that, the structure did not sustain any real serious damage.  However, if you'd like to donate to the Presidential Museum and Library Relief Fund, please send your non-tax deductable contribution to the address at the bottom of this page.

Strong winds blow over Museum/Library.  )Seems as though I may require a "Stronger Platform".)

March 22, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - This past month (2/17/12 - 3/18/12) found me in the states of Arizona and Texas doing as much campaigning as I possibly could.  While in AZ attending the Winter National Shoot (hosted by the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association), FOX - TV came out to cover the event.  Here is a link to the FOX story.  (Watch for your B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate!)   http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/dpp/morning_show/corys_corner/westernshoot-03012012 

Nebraska Life Magazine conducted an interview with your B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate a few months ago.  The interview appeared in the March/April 2012 issue of the magaizine.  It's a 4 page spread....with pictures!  You can get a sneak preview on the magazine's website.  You'll have to obtain a hard copy to read the whole story.  Well worth the purchase price, if you ask me.  The magazine staff did a wonderful job!!  Copies of the magazine can also be purchased on their website.  http://www.nebraskalife.com/ 

April 4, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - New items have just been added to the B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Souvenir STORE.  You can now purchase an autographed copy of Nebraska Life Magazine (autographed by the B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate) AND/OR you can Adopt a Baby B.E.E.R.!  Each baby B.E.E.R. wears an Uncle Sam hat and holds a stuffed star pillow that reads "USA".  Baby B.E.E.R.s are available in Red, White, and/or Blue.  Order yours today!

I thought I'd share a few photos of my Campaign trip to Arizona and Texas this past month.

'STARS AND STRIPES' - actually they're polka dots.  When I laid eyes on these pistol-packin', shotgun totin', sharp shootin' gals, I knew I found my new heads of Secret Service.  These 2 young ladies were competing at the National....allow me to repeat that...NATIONAL level.  Way to go gals!!  Keep up the good shootin'!! These 2 fellers were trying to take my hair!  They seemed to want my hair almost as bad as Washington wants your tax dollars.  It was scary!
I spotted these folks wearing stripes.  I figured they were B.E.E.R. Party supporters....and I was right!  You may have not noticed it, but their stripes run left to right and mine run up and down.  That's OK, I like folks no matter which way their stripes run...as long as they vote B.E.E.R. Party! There sure are a lot of "ROBBERS" out there!!  Especially the 'legal' ones.  Do I need to say more??  Just remember to vote more for Les!!
The SouthWest Regional Rendezvou near Nacona, TX had a whole bunch of B.E.E.R. Party supporters.  Just look at all the support they added to the B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Support Parasol!!!  

May 25-28, 2012 (Cairo, NE) - This was the weekend of the annual Red, White, and Blue Muzzleloading Shoot near Cairo, NE.  I decided to take a couple members of my "Secret Service" and do a little campaigning at this event.  It was a great turn out for the event.  I'm guessing there were in the neighborhood of 300 people participating (campers) - not to mention all the day visitors that showed up.  "Secret Service" had a hard time keeping up with me as I walked around camp.  There were lots of "shiney objects" that caught their attention along the way.  They did prove to be useful on this campaign outing, however.  On Sunday evening, well after midnight, a GIANT spider came into camp and started selecting and "webbing" tents, and their contents, for possible future consumption.  Wouldn't you know it that our tent was one of many that were selected.  "Secret Service" were able to keep the spider at bay, but not before it "webbed" our tent (see photos below).  I tip my hat to the bravery of these two men who stood at the door with tomahawks in hand, ready to defend your Presidential Candidate.  (OK, "Secret Service" slept right through the 'attack' also.  I was just trying to be kind and give them a compliment. It sure is hard to find good help these days.)  Just before we left camp, someone erected signs on the site we were camped.  Please check out the photos below.

Photos from the 

"Red, White and Blue"

 Muzzleloading Shoot 

near Cairo, Nebraska

over Memorial Day Weekend 2012.

  Secret Service (Yogi (Galen) and Boo Bear (Dan)) enjoying a 'foo foo' drink.  Wait a minute...They were supposed to be on duty!
The GIANT Spider found its way into camp Sunday night.  Rumor had it that it was selecting tasty morsels for future consumption. It's a good thing "Secret Service" was on alert and watching out for the safety of YOUR Presidential Candidate.  (that's sarcasm, in case you missed it)
The sign reads:  "The President Slept Here".  I'm not President yet, but just give me a few more months! This sign reads:  "We Slept Next To The President".  Yes, they are B.E.E.R. Party Supporters!  And, seem to be proud of it.  See you at the polls!

May 31, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - I recieved word on May 21st that the National Tour of the Model "T" Ford Club of America (www.mtfca.com/ ) is going to be held in Nebraska this year, basing out of Lincoln, NE.  You can read about their 5 day tour schedule on this website http://heartlandofamericattour.com/   What you won't find printed on the schedule (because the location was added after the schedule was printed) is their Monday June 18th afternoon stop at The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library located at First and Main Streets in Wilber, NE.  Over 50 Model "T"s from all over the United States, and some from overseas, will be stopping at the Museum and Library between (about) 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM on their way back to Lincoln after visiting The Homestead National Monument near Beatrice, NE and Rock Creek Station near Fairbury, NE.  If you're in the Wilber area on June 18, please feel free to stop by and check out these wonderful automobiles that helped America grow.  I'm also going to have the Mobile Campaign Headquarters (my 1920 Model TT Ford Truck) on hand for the occasion.  If you're going to be stopping by on the 18th, why not wear your B.E.E.R. Party T-Shirt and show off your B.E.E.R. Party support!  (If you don't have a B.E.E.R. Party t-shirt, you can purchase one right here on this website.  Click here to transfer to the website STORE.)(OR, you can purchase one on June 18 at The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library.)

June 18, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - The National Model "T" Tour stopped by The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library this afternoon.  A few would stop in, then a few more would stop in and a few would leave.  Pretty much a constant flow of cars with the first one arriving about 3:45 PM until the last one that left at about 5:45 PM.  I didn't get to talk to all of the Model T participants, but I got the impression that all that stopped had enjoyed themselves.  They came from all corners of the U.S, and I also got to meet a few from Canada.  The Nebraska Czechs of Wilber wanted to be involved with the greeting of the "T" Tour.  There were several members attending the festivities handing out ice cold bottled water and kolaches (courtesy of the Wilber Czechs) to all the "T" Tour participants.  Temperatures reached the upper 90's or low 100's that afternoon - it was a scorcher!  The cold water went down well.  We had 3 local button accordion players that entertained the "T" Tour participants for the full 2 hours.  That was quite the challenge, taking under consideration all the heat this afternoon and that there was no shade available for them.  There's no electricity at the Museum either, so no fans were available.  This was like back in the "olden days"!  I'd like to take a moment and thank all the gracious helpers that made this afternoon the big success that it was!  THANK YOU!!!  For those who were unable to make it, here's a few photos of the event.

I wanted to make sure the drivers found their own parking lot. I had the full set-up at the Museum and Library.  Many took interest in my Mobile Campaign Headquarters.
The accordion players took advantage of what VERY little shade there was on the East side of my truck.  The umbrella helped a bit also. There were a wide variety of Model T's on this tour.  Several different years, colors, and body styles were participating.

Model T Ford Club of America's

National Tour


The Les Vilda Presidential Museum and Library

June 18, 2012

I'm guessing that the most cars we had at the Museum at any one time was about 10.  Naturally, I didn't get a photo of that.  

August 3-5, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - The B.E.E.R. Party did some serious campaigning during the 51st Annual Czech Festival in Wilber, NE.  Tens of thousands of people come to the festival every year and almost all of them watch the parade on Saturday AND Sunday.  This year, Les Vilda (me) drove his Mobile Campaign Headquarters through the parade on both days.  I was followed by two (2) large trailers filled with B.E.E.R. Party Supporters.  My laison with the B.E.E.R. Party Supporters is my nephew, Ben Vilda.  He infomed me that this year there were so many supporters that wanted to ride the giant teeter-totters that they needed to add a smaller trailer behind the large one to carry the "Second String".  Overall, the B.E.E.R. Party did well in the parade.  The B.E.E.R. Party Supporters recieved 1st Place on both days in the Misc. catagory and the Mobile Campaign Headquarters recieved 2nd place on both days in the Misc. catagory.  Below are some highlights of the Parade entries.

My name is Les Vilda - and I approve this B.E.E.R. Party Campaign event.

Don and Donna Strinz from Milford, NE. Petr Just, political science professor  from the Czech Republic.  I learned a great deal from this man over the Festival weekend.  Get ready folks, the B.E.E.R. Party is preparing to shift gears!
Les Vilda passing out his famous Czech Days Cherries. I may have recruited a couple more B.E.E.R. Party supporters.
Ben Vilda - B.E.E.R. Party Supporters laison Don't forget to show YOUR support for the B.E.E.R. Party!


October 3, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - The B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Campaign Committee has just released video proof that Candidate Les Vilda made a trip to Washington D.C. recently to show the press his birth certificate and tax returns for the past several years.  You can watch the video on YouTube at:  http://youtu.be/ldOcntO7hkc 

October 7, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!  October 20, 2012 is the date for the 2nd ever B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Convention.  This fun and informational event will be held at Blue River Lodge near Crete, NE (driving directions below).  The event will be starting at 7:00 PM.  Between Convention business, you can enjoy the toe-tappin music of Sue and the Blue River Czechs.  They'll be playing all your favorite polkas and waltzes for your dancing and listening pleasure.  The band will be playing from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.  Here are some highlights of what you can expect during the convention:  Introduction of Les Vilda - B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate, Acceptance speech from candidate Vilda, Introduction of candidate Vilda's vice-presidential running mate, a short debate of major U.S. issues with Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney, and Mr. Vilda -- and possibly a visit from Big Bird (yes, I'm a fan of Big Bird and PBS!).  I sure hope to see all of you there!  And, tell your friends!!!!

**Driving Directions to Blue River Lodge:    Travel West of Crete on HWY 33 to County Road 2100 - Turn North on County Road 2100 and travel through the intersections of County Road F and County Road E.  About 3/4 mile North of County Road E, watch for a sign on the Right side of the road "Blue River Lodge".  Turn right (East) and follow the windy road (maybe 1/2 mile) to the dance hall.

**Map to Blue River Lodge:   http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Blue+River+Lodge+Dam,+Crete,+NE&hl=en&sll=40.651922,-96.982319&sspn=0.010126,0.024676&oq=Blue+River+Lodge+&hnear=Blue+River+Lodge+Dam&t=m&z=14 

October 27, 2012 (Wilber, NE) - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!  It's the final B.E.E.R. Party Campaign event before the election!!  November 4, 2012 (Sunday) the B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Committee is holding a Pre-Voting Party at the Corner Tavern ("Camp Swanton") in Swanton, NE from 3:00 - 5:30 PM.  The schedule of events include music by "The Czechland Trio" and a guest appearance by your B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate - Les Vilda.  Following the campaign event, The Corner Tavern will be having their 'Hamburger Night', so stick around for a bite to eat.  You're probably wondering why I'm referring to the Corner Tavern as "Camp Swanton".  You see, the President has Camp David as a retreat - to get away and relax a bit.  The B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Committee uses "Camp Swanton" in much the same way.  It's a great place to sit, relax, and unwind - with food and drink available!  "Camp Swanton" is open 7 days a week.  Stop by the next time you're in the neighborhood.  You'll be glad you did!

**Driving Directions to "Camp Swanton":  Drive West out of Wilber, NE on Hwy 41 for 7 miles to State Spur 76D.  Turn South and travel on State Spur 76D for 7 miles.  The pavement ends - and there is Swanton.

**Map to "Camp Swanton":  http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Swanton,+ne&hl=en&ll=40.475681,-97.079315&spn=0.16244,0.394821&sll=41.500819,-99.680902&sspn=2.55877,6.317139&hnear=Swanton,+Saline,+Nebraska&t=m&z=11 

October 31, 2012 (Kansas City, MO) - Les Vilda - B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate - had a radio interview in Kansas City, Missouri on KKFI - 90.1 FM.  Mark Manning, producer and host of Wednesday MidDay Medley, interviewed Candidate Vilda for about 15 minutes on the history and highlights of his campaign as well as his beginnings and accomplishments as a Living Historian.  The interview took place at 10:30 AM Wednesday morning.  If you missed it, don't fret!  As soon as possible, a link will be posted HERE to listen to the interview at your leisure.  If you'd like to learn more about Wednesday MidDay Medley, and/or KKFI, please visit the following links:

Wednesday MidDay Medley is on the web:
WednesdayMidDayMedley.org   (the show plays from 10:00 AM to Noon every Wednesday)
www.facebook.com/WednesdayMidDayMedleyon90.1FM  and
www.kkfi.org  (streaming LIVE everyday)

On behalf of the B.E.E.R. Party Campaign Committee, and myself, I would like to thank Mr. Mark Manning, and KKFI, on the opportunity to be a part of his radio program.  Mark's professionalism created a "front-porch-conversation" type of environment that made me feel relaxed and 'at home' for the interview.  I say "Job Well Done, Mark!".  I hope our paths cross agan.

November 5, 2012 (Swanton, NE) - Yesterday, November 4, 2012, marked the last B.E.E.R. Party Campaign event for the 2012 election.  The event was called the Pre-Voting Party.  It was held at "Camp Swanton" (the Corner Tavern) in Swanton, NE.  The event got underway with music by "The Czechland Trio" at about 3:00 PM.  B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate, Les Vilda, presented a short speech to a full house at 5:00 PM and introduced his VP running mate (Doug, the Monkey Puppet) to the crowd shortly thereafter.  'Secret Service' was on hand, but was unnecessary to be called into action.  It was a peaceful event, though quite enthusiastic!  I hope I was able to sway a few more votes when everyone goes to the polls on Tuesday, November 6.


"The Czechland Trio" performed for the B.E.E.R. Party Pre-Voting Party. "Camp Swanton" had a full house for the event. Even the youngsters were excited about the event!
Many in the crowd were showing their B.E.E.R. Party support - numerous B.E.E.R. Party t-shirts were spotted throughout the crowd. Secret Service lingered in the shadows as B.E.E.R. Party Presidential Candidate, Les Vilda, addressed the crowd. "Don't be afraid, Doug!" (Candidate Les Vilda calms his Vice Presidential Running Mate, Doug the Monkey Puppet, as Les prepares to introduce him to the audience.)



If you have photo of yourself or a friend wearing a B.E.E.R. Party T-shirt, please send it to me (  eduexped@windstream.net  ).  Let's see how much of the world we can cover.  Kinda like "Where's Waldo", only different.

July 2011 - B.E.E.R Party makes it to the White House - Rebecca Gonzales - Wilber, NE December 2011 - 10,000 feet above Maui, Hawaii - Joe DeLaRonde - Mancos, CO A few years ago - Corpus Christi, TX - Dan Warren - Crete, NE
Early in March 2012, Dave Marchant (LA, California) took his t-shirt to Hollywood, CA.  Hey Dave, if you run into any of those big time movie directors/producers, tell them there's an out-of-work Presidential Candidate in Nebraksa looking for a job!  I'm not cheap, but I can be had. Chris Sherrard proudly displays the Les Vilda B.E.E.R. Party t-shirt he won at the California Campaign Headquarters, Jimmie's Roadhouse 70, in Portola, CA.  Chris is a local Dart Champion and won the t-shirt a the 2012 Superbowl Party at Jimmie's!  LES for PRES! Chuck Strinz - Eagan, MN - has been spreading the B.E.E.R. Party word throughout Japan.  Here he is on March 1, 2012 standing in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.  Charles claims that he couldn't convince the Emporer to wear the shirt for a photo.  Thanks for trying!!

March 24, 2012 finds Chuck Strinz still campaigning in Japan.  Here he is in Kagashima, Japan with an ash-poofing volcano in the background.  (Are you trying to tell me that I'm full of hot air?) Matt Principato - Wilber, NE - did some campaigning for the B.E.E.R. Party at Fort Kearny Historical Park near Kearney, NE on March 24, 2012.  I don't get that direction very often.  Thanks for helping out, Matt! Nok, from Udon Thani, Thailand is now a proud supporter of the B.E.E.R. Party.  I hope you tell all your friends and neighbors.  I'd appreciate all the votes you can generate for me by election time in November!  (Photo was dated May 3, 2012)
On May 2, 2012, I was notified that Charles O Gallup made good use of his B.E.E.R. Party 'Oval Office' Sicker in Florida.  I don't know if I've ever seen a better looking toilet seat!  (I know it isn't a t-shirt, but I just had to throw this photo in here!) In late July, Matt Principato of Wilber, NE was promoting the B.E.E.R. Party in Broken Bow, NE. As I was strolling Wilber, NE during the Czech Festival (first weekend in August), I met Rustin Richtarik campaigning hard for the B.E.E.R. Party.

During the Wilber, NE Czech Festival, I met this gal that wanted to show her B.E.E.R. Party support, but didn't have a t-shirt.  On behalf of almost all those who will be reading this, I'd just like to say:  "Thank You for showing us your support!" Don and Donna Strinz from Milford, NE rode in the Mobile Campaign Headquarters during the Wilber, NE Czech Days parade.  Thank you for wearing your B.E.E.R. Party shirt, Donna.  Where's yours Don?? Paul Svancara of Arizona did some B.E.E.R. Party campaigning while on a 65 mile mountain bike ride from Flagstaff, AZ to the Grand Canyon over the weekend of August 11-12.  It was a charity ride for Toys for Tots sponsored by Fat Tire Beer and a group called The Dirty Girls (plus other sponsors).  You can read more about the ride at:  http://flag2gc.com/  
This photo came from Janet in the Phillipines.  Thanks for your support!  I'm guessing you'll probably be able to generate lots of votes displaying the t-shirt like that!  Keep up the great campaigning effort!! At the Lincoln Gun Show, on September 30, 2012, we had 3 B.E.E.R. SIGHTINGS at one place at one time.  Tom Stickland, Ron Jones and Mary Jones (left to right) were helping campaign all day long.  Thanks for all your help! Brian Kirby was campaigning in Branson, MO with friend Elly Hamm in September 2012.  You may have noticed the gear around their waists?  Yep, they were zip-lining!  I'm guessing that was the first time one of these t-shirts has ever been displayed FLYING through the air.  Thanks for your support!

Sandy Jacobs became a new B.E.E.R. Party Supporter at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Rock Creek Renegades (Lincoln, Nebraska's black powder shooting club) this past weekend (October 12-14, 2012) near Sprague, NE.  The fact that Mary Jones (pictured a row above) displayed her B.E.E.R. Party t-shirt all weekend helped a lot.  Thanks to both of you! Jackie Kuhlman (and Terry Haney) was doing a little B.E.E.R. Party campaigning in Pompeii, Italy during a recent visit in September 2012.  Are you trying to tell us that the pillar behind you is as "Rock Solid" as the B.E.E.R. Party?  If so, thank you!  I appreciate your campaign efforts.  (Versuvious in the background)  Other Italian campaigning stops included:  Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Naples, Venice, Cinque Terre, and Rome. Sandy Jacobs was doing a fine job of campaigning near Tulsa, OK while on a fishing trip in October of 2012.  Who says fish can't vote??!!  Thanks for your efforts Sandy!  I hope you practiced a little 'catch and release' - if not, how will they be able to cast their votes for me?
Lu Nickel of DeWitt, NE was out doing some serious campaigning for the B.E.E.R. Party during early October 2012.  I am so-o-o impressed with her campaigning effort that I'm going to share all of her campaign stops.  One of her stops was the Indiana Regulatory Commission in Indianapolis, IN. Lu made a stop at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN with her niece (Erin) and brother-in-law (Jon). While in Indianapolis, Lu also made a stop at the Colts Shop with her sister (Rhonda).

Lu made a few stops in Illinois to campaign.  Just look at all the dots on this map that she stopped at, or  passed through!! One of the places in Illinois that Lu did some campaigning was this recycling center.  I like the way you think Lu.  I'll take all the recycled votes I can get!!  Remember:  Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote More For Les! Lu also spent some time in Iowa to campaign.  Here she is (along with Jon and Rhonda) in Leclure, Iowa at the home base of "American Pickers".

Lu made a stop at the Amana Colonies in Iowa.  I'm not sure, but I think she's trying to sway the vote of this horse.  I'm pretty sure that livestock are allowed to vote in some states.  Did you get the horse's name?  I'll send him some literature. Lu must have gotten the job done.  It seems that the horse agreed to take them for a ride. Just to help prove what a BIG deal the B.E.E.R. Party is, Lu, and her sister Rhonda, had this photo taken on the World's Largest Rocking Chair (Amana Colonies in Iowa).  Thanks for the wonderful campaign effort, Lu.  What do you have planned for 2016?


Would you like to read about the 2008 B.E.E.R. Party Campaign?  Please CLICK HERE.

For further information about the campaign, please contact Les Vilda. I look forward to hearing from you!

Les Vilda, PO Box 99, Wilber, NE 68465 - (402) 821-3058

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