Here are some photos of past rope making events


2005 (September)  Rope Makers Convention - Living History Farms - Des Moines, IA

Saturday's Rope Convention Participants  (names will be posted soon)(Also a photo of Sunday's participants)

The making of "THE LONG ROPE"

The twisting of the rope is about to begin.  This photo is taken at the East end (by the church) of the rope.  It is the 'traveling' end.  Notice the wheels and weights at the base of this rope machine.  We started with nearly 160 pounds on this end to keep tension on the twines.

This is the West end (near the Interstate).  This end of the machine was staked down to keep it from moving.  Since helpers were spread out so far apart,  orange and white flags were used to signal to 'stop' and 'all clear'.  Small "telephone poles" were set up to keep the rope from dragging on the ground (you will notice them is several photos).

In order to string up the machine, the twine was pulled from one end to the other in a small 2 wheeled cart.  Several people walked behind it to keep constant tension on the twines until the rope was completely strung up.  Beginning distance between ends was over 1400 feet.

The East end of the rope started by the fence in front of the church at the far end of this photo.

The white building on the right is the Blacksmith shop.  It marked the half-way point of the rope.  This means that if you add the previous picture (upper right) to this one, that will equal one half of the total length of the rope.

The strands are now beginning to be twisted into a finished rope.  Notice how far the rope has shrunk already - from the church fence to where the second man is standing.


Almost finished!  Only about 100 feet left to go.

WHAT???.......I RAN OUT OF FILM!!!!!!

When I get a photo of the completed rope, I'll post it in the place of this sentence.

Also to come:  Stats on the rope =  Beginning and end length, weight, number of people helping, time taken to complete the rope, etc., etc.


2005  (May)  Newell, IA

Stringing the twines for a BIG rope.

These ropes are the same diameter (1.5").  The one on the left has 4 strands - the right has 3 strands.

Have you ever seen a rope made of toilet paper? can be done!


2004 (September)  Rope Makers Convention - Living History Farms - Des Moines, IA

2004  (June) Library - Fairmont, NE


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